Monday, October 17, 2011

Pictures of Boston and the Family

Monday, July 11, 2011

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Trip to Saint George and Vegas!

We were suppose to go to La and visit Cory and Lisa Webster but Oz's boss ended up coming back to him saying that he needed to work so we decided to still go to st George for the 4th of July weekend. We are very grateful that the Websters always let us stay with them. I didn't take any photos of us on the 4th because it was a lot different than what we usually do. They don't have parades like they do back in salt lake so we ended up going swimming, then had a BBQ with lots of family and friends and then later we went to a park and watched the fireworks. Not going to lie the fireworks were pretty disappointing so luckily we have the 24th to celebrate. The top of this rock in the picture is where kael jumps off into the deep end. Like I said he is amazing.
We went to Vegas for a day and I'm not going to lie it was deathly hot! I do not understand how people live there. I was in shorts and a tank top and I was still dying. This is oz and kael riding the motorcycle at the Hard rock cafe.

Our cute little family

mommy and kael

We went to the aquarium in the Mandalay bay and saw lots of cool stuff. Here is some massive fish. I would recommend it to others but I do feel its a little over priced for how short it is.

It was mainly about the sharks and they were huge. There tanks were pretty amazing in there.

Kael looking at some fish and sharks

Here is some weird shark

Oz and kael

Kael loves touching the sting rays

the cool jelly fish

more sharks

Vegas at night

We had a wonderful time getting away but it sure is nice when you come home to your own stuff. Thank you again Websters and all that you do for us.

Mom comes to visit!

My mom came to visit June 8-19 and we all were way exhausted by the time she left. We did everything you could think of.. We went to park city a couple of times, shopping, to the zoo twice, swimming and zions. We loved that she was here and enjoyed her very much. It took Kael about a day to warm up to her because it had been a year since he had seen her. I so wish that we lived closer together so we could see more of each other but since we cant we sure do enjoy her when she is here. This is Kael and his gigi at McDonald's
This is the best photo of them, I love it!

Here we are at Zions playing at the pool. Kael is an amazing swimmer with his floaties on or off. He dives for toys at the bottom of a 4 foot pool and jumps in the pool all by himself and can swim to you from a far distance and than swim back to the stairs. He sure is a swimmer like his mother.

This is him sporting his floaties and spider man goggles

This is a view of where we stayed

Kael jumping to dad

I hate this photo of me but we never take pics of us anymore so I decided to post it

Kael swimming to gigi

Kael and gigi

Kael is obsessed with Buzz light year, he wants a buzz light year theme for his bday. This is him posing as buzz light year with his pj's and his glasses

Kael eating in park city on main street. He sure does love ketchup

He cheesy pose

I had to post this photo because it doesn't even look like Kael at all but it sure is him. lol

trying on some boots in a boutique store in main street

Went to Hogle Zoo to see the new dinosaurs and Kael sure did love them, especially the ones that spit water at you.

Kael posing by the elephant

One of the dinosaurs

Kael and the turkey

The momma and baby elephant

Kael playing in the fossil area

riding the rhino

This is kaels favorite dinosaur... The T-Rex.

riding the lions

kael, gigi and me. I'm looking so huge these days

Here is the whole family.. Kael, me, Oz and gigi

Oz and kael

Oz and Kael rode the carousel... I dont like to because it makes me sick

Look how close they measure up

The boys riding the dinosaur

It was not easy for me getting up on that

My mom is actually in this pic if you can see her.. I'm sitting on her with my big belly

Oh no!!! Oz is getting eatin up by the dinosaur

This picture is the best, kael wanted to try on gigi's swim cap! I was laughing so hard when he had this on. Especially with those cheetos in his mouth. He makes me laugh all the time... Thank you again for everything you did for us when you were here mom. We love you so much and miss you terribly!